SaaS Maker 3.0 is coming soon! Solution Providers wanted…

Dear SaaS Makers!

An update, as quite some time has passed…
A few years ago, we launched SaaS Maker 2.0 on a humble development budget. Yes, we realize that the 2.0 version needed some work.

Here we are again… almost 2019, and a lot has changed! A new company was organized to take SaaS Maker to where it needs to be. In early 2019, we will be releasing SaaS Maker 3.0.. with a mobile responsive interface, modern look-and-feel, app store, and significant stability improvements. The new company — aptly named SaaS Maker, Inc. — is under new leadership, with a new global development partner (to be publicly announced soon).

As part of our go-to-market strategy, we are developing a new Solution Provider network. We are seeking SaaS Developers, Integrators and other solution providers. There is no cost for initial participants in the Solution Provider Program. 

Interested in becoming a SaaS Maker Solution Provider? Sign up here: